Mixco: not just a cell group, but a congregation


We are happy to tell you all that since the Sunday April 30th we have been congregating in Agua Viva School in Mixco. After praying for several months for a new place, he answered and led us to that place.

Last month we were thrilled because we were going to start a new cell group in Mixco, but God didn’t want just a cell group but a church. So we moved as a church to Mixco.

This is an open door and a new challenge to be light in that community.  We are certain that God has never abandoned us. We’ve seen his hand in all this process because the church is His and not ours. We are just His instruments and we can continue by his grace.

Youth church:

The youth church is a project that our dear sister Yadira Arriaza started 3 years ago for the school youth. They study the bible in small groups based on their current needs and issues. It is a safe place where they can share with others, get to know God and be listened to and guided.

The purpose of the youth church is for their lives, families and community to be transformed through the message of Jesus and for them to know the Word and share it with others.

We love our new generations and we want to serve them with everything that we can. For this reason, after May, the youth church will have coverage from Calvary Chapel Guatemala.

Small groups and cell groups:

We keep maintaining the cell groups and prayer points in zone 5, 1 and 3. And now we are going to have a cell group every Saturday for the brothers and sisters in that area. The idea of the cell groups is to study the bible, pray and share with the brothers and sisters. A new project that we would like to start soon is a men´s group and women´s group.

Us (Eli & Lilly):

We are good, thank God, and very happy because of the work done in Mixco. We see support from God, the church and community.

On the other hand, our country is been through a political, social and economic crisis. Our families are living hard times because of the situation. It has been more than a month of riots against the government and there have been more than 40 casualties. Thank God our families are fine, but it is difficult for them to get any medicine or food. For us it is really hard to not be able to help them as we would like to. Even though we can’t help them financially, we do it through prayer.  And from the bottom of our hearts we ask you to join us in prayer for Venezuela.

Prayer requests:

  1. For the congregation, for God to encourage them to keep doing his work and that we can count on our brother’s support in the new projects.
  2. For provision for musical instruments, a church sound system, and for God to provide everything necessary. Instruments and a sound system weren’t necessary before but now are needed due to the rapid growth.
  3. For the projects and plans that we have in mind. For God to help us fulfill them and be faithful.
  1. For us to remain firm in God’s love and show his love to the brother and sisters.
  2. For us to reach the funds we need to live in Guatemala and to stay on top of our payments.
  3. For a car that is good on gas to get around in Guatemala City and in Mixco.
  4. For our families in Venezuela.


“And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers”. Acts 2:42




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