Greetings from Guatemala

Dear sisters and brothers, receive a warm and fraternal greeting from Guatemala, it is an honor and a joy for us to share with you our Newsletter of what God is doing and what is going on in our lives and in the church at Calvary Chapel Ciudad de Guatemala.

Church news
We are very grateful to God for what He is doing, the congregation is progressing in growth, but the most important thing is that the fellow believers, which we consider to be the backbone of the church, have maintained faithfulness to the work of God. We see God´s hand at all times.

We are studying the book of Revelation on Sundays and the book of Genesis on Tuesdays in the intent of being receptive to ways God speaks to us as a Church and where He wants to lead us.

Prayer community
Due to the difficulty that many people have to get to church during the week, we have created prayer meeting points in homes, which are small prayer groups divided in 3 different zones of the city: zone 1, zone 3 and zone 5, and soon we will have one in Mixco. These prayer groups have two main purposes: mainly to pray and also to evangelize. The goal is to invite friends and family to these prayer-points so they have the opportunity to hear God in a family environment.

New point in Mixco
We are also excited to share that God opened door to start a cell group in Mixco, which is a suburb of Guatemala. Last month our sister and friend Yadira Arriaza, who is the principal of a Christian school in Mixco, joined Calvary Chapel of Guatemala. She has been working with at-risk youth in the area and now Calvary Chapel will be part of that project.

We will begin to work in Mixco on April 24 doing medical missions and then on Saturday 29, we will start a Bible study cell group and discipleship program. God has guided our steps, He is bringing the correct people so that we can continue sharing the message of salvation. It is our desire for God to perfect us and use us in his work.

Family news
As missionaries we have been very happy for what God has been doing in our lives, we thank the people who have taken care of us and have supported us from CC Downey to continue in the work of Calvary Chapel of Guatemala City.

Currently, my wife and I are finalizing our studies in theology.

Prayer requests for the church:

  • For a new space for the church and for God to provide everything necessary for the rent.
  • For God to continue strengthening the leadership team in the church.
  • For the project of a worship school that we want to begin in 2018. For God to provide economic resources and helpers as well as for the people who would come to be trained.

Prayer requests for Eli and Elizabeth:

  • That God provide the economic resources to finish our studies at the seminary.
  • That God provide everything necessary for us to continue doing ministry and to comply with our financial obligations.
  • That God encourage us to keep ministering with strength and to help us abide in Him.
  • That God protect our families in Venezuela and provide their needs.
  • For provision to fix the front axle of our van.

Thank you very much for your prayers and your desire to support this mission.

God bless you greatly,

Eli & Elizabeth Pachano


One thought on “Greetings from Guatemala

  1. Muy buena pagina. Les felicito, ahora mantenerla al dia cada 2 semanas o cada mes. Asi podemos orar por ustedes con mas certeza y precision. Que la gracia de Dios siga con ustedes cada dia.

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